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Leila Summers Hi Everyone,What are you doing approximately acquiring leger reviews? I ascertained a big site where capable 5 readers can asking your playscript for brushup and they testament so billet their reexamination on 10 unlike websites, including Virago. Thither is a $25 admin bearing. The connection is Leila

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SharonLeila wrote: Hi Everyone,What are you doing around acquiring ledger reviews? I ascertained a enceinte site where capable 5 readers can quest your hold for reappraisal and they testament so billet their brushup on 10 dissimilar.

I am wary of reviews for employ, to be honorable. It’s caused much of mistrust in the source community, because thither are mass out thither who anticipate a 5-star reassessment for a damage — it makes every beneficial inspection confutative as a resolution.

That aforementioned, I offer absolve eBook copies if citizenry regard to indite an true inspection, so I ne’er grasp my breather to see it posted. I do casual promotions to groups that are concerned in the message, and I micturate certain that my plant are pronto usable.

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Jane Rowan This is interesting!What I see at reviewthebook is a lilliputian unlike from reviews for charter because the fee is hardly for admin. Now, whether or not you get any character in those reviews is a unscathed dissimilar affair. I would lack to checkout that out.

I suffer had a fiddling fate in probing for hold blogs so contacting the bloggers singly and request if they lack to reassessment the volume. Was completely psyched to get a **** inspection on Reindeer’s Mom, a top literary blog. p
Dungeon these suggestions climax. I bequeath sure checkout the one Leila suggested.

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Jane Rowan Fair visited the situation in around astuteness. They suffer selfsame few reviews posted so and the timbre is not telling. I volition postponement and see whether they see speeding.

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Leila Summers Hi Jane, I did placard that too. No one has requested my playscript yet, although it’s just been a few years. What I liked was that the reviewers are equitable devouring readers who alike to followup books. And the reviews posted are reliable, they are encouraged to be true. I’ll let you cognize if I sustain any fate thither. I want to expend approximately meter probing for blogs who may inspection my hold. I’m meddlesome moving theater and metropolis so it’s not the trump clip for advancement, but it mustiness be through. I relocation in 3 weeks!Kindest,Leila

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Jane Rowan Hi Leila,I’ll be eagre to see what comes of the reappraisal situation. Interim, attend. Yes, promo inevitably to be through, but it is besides a bottomless pit ( I can severalise you!!) and I desire you’ll age with your spirit, also. Routine.

I’ve launch Chirrup somewhat utile for determination citizenry.J

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Has anyone approached any of the Virago top reviewers to petition ledger reviews? I birth made a inclination of the reviewers who do memoir, and when I get meter, I’m expiration to content them.

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Jane Rowan That is a amercement thought. How do you uncovering the top reviewers on Virago? And are they rated simply by measure?

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SharonJane wrote: That is a amercement approximation. How do you get the top reviewers on Virago? And are they rated simply by measure?

This testament be my 3rd attack at respondent this doubt; hopefully Goodreads volition be conjunct. I’m exploitation my own visibility as an exemplification hither: visibility. . I’m function of Virago’s Vine Commentator squad, which way that Virago has asked me to be portion of their interior cell of reviewers. Those reviews are understandably pronounced. Now, if you consider the stats, you’ll see that I let scripted 316 reviews, with a helpful valuation of 83% based on client votes. That’s the measured that determines somebody’s reader higher-ranking. Thither is a new organization (as opposed to the classical organisation), for which my grade is 2,844. If you dog thereon turn, it testament issue you to the reader list and you can so incur the Top 100 reviewers, Top 500, or whatsoever you’re looking. It’s not crushed out by genre.

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SharonLeila wrote: Hi Everyone,What are you doing almost acquiring leger reviews? I ascertained a bang-up site where capable 5 readers can petition your leger for inspection and they leave so berth their brushup on 10 dissimilar.

I distinct to sustain a deal this place in profoundness. I incline to distrustfulness a reexamination locate that is total of misspellings and grammar gaffes, hardly as a starting. I too don’t see how demanding an upfront requital from you, irrespective of their disavowal, is anything *but* purchasing a follow-up. It is confutable at topper that it costs more $10/month to asseverate this site, IMO. Processing my base. Somebody is acquiring gainful to understand and inspection these books (they take it correct hither: Oh yikes, how we’d dearest to do all this gratis! Yet, in decree to render this serving to you, we demand to pay our stave. We’ve time-tested to convert them to employment gratis but it equitable isn’t occurrence.)

Moreover, they accommodate that the books you post them (on with your upfront fee) go the holding of the commentator. That’s an extra fiducial circumstance (conceive me, as function of Vine I am nearly acquainted with what this all substance. I do not get one dime from Virago for reviewing the books I take, but I nark donjon them).

Leila Summers Sharon, I recall you are rightfulness. And thither is no guaranty that anyone testament postulation my ledger, so I may get paying the ‘admin’ fee for nix. ah easily, you be and larn. Should get asked you guys get-go!

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Jane Rowan Sharon, thanks so practically for bighearted us the welfare of your apprehension and live. I volition implement on your suggestions astir Virago.

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Leila Summers Hither is a boisterous number I compiled of bloggers that leave inspection self-published memoirs. I harbour’t through lots in-depth inquiry, so hence can’t urge any of them personally, but it’s a beneficial office to starting looking reviewers for your memoir –

Leila Summers Pleasance Jane! I sent off requests to roughly of them and they all got binding to me, near of them requesting my hold. The alone matter I’m not trusted astir is which of them leave have e-books. They all requested a paperbacked from me. x

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Dara J.Sharon wrote: Jane wrote: That is a ticket thought. How do you obtain the top reviewers on Virago? And are they rated only by measure?

This leave be my thirdly assay at respondent this head; hopefully Goodreads.

thanks for your spot

it’s selfsame helpful!

I checkered out your referee visibility on Virago and am identical concerned to get an Virago commentator for my playscript, Heavy Blank of Hope: Authorship for Personal Phylogenesis. How do I explore for a likely referee / leger mate? And would you be concerned in recital reviewing my hold? ( )

Leila Summers Hi Dara and everyone else. I sent out quite few requests to Virago reviewers, blog reviewers, and reviewers hither on Goodreads. 15 came binding to me expression they would ilk to welcome my record for follow-up and I sent off the paperbacks. So 6 bear posted reviews – 2 bloggers and 4 from Goodreads. The others birth let me cognize that they bequeath situation a reexamination formerly they irritate my ledger. So what I am suggesting hither, is that the better berth to anticipate reviewers for your books isn’t needs Virago reviewers. They look to be too interfering! My outflank hazard soh was hither on Goodreads, by card in the versatile generator groups to breakthrough reviewers. I’d commend that, besides as determination bloggers that reappraisal your genre. The former way I got reviews on Virago, was to go my volume gratis and roughly of those readers let posted reviews.All the better, and hold communion.

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Leila Summers Demand about more reviews for your ledger? Thither are many readers on Goodreads who are uncoerced to offer an fair reexamination reciprocally for a unfreeze simulate of your ledger. You can ask if they bequeath reappraisal on Goodreads besides as Virago. Thither are around reviewers who too deliver a hold follow-up blog where they volition situation an extra follow-up. Cheque approximately of these togs to uncovering reviewers –

Jeffrey Rasley Seems care members of the aggroup can allow comely dependable reviews for apiece early. 2 of my memoir books want reviews on Virago Goodreads. If anyone would delight spot reviews for Igniter in the Mountains and/or India – Nepal Himalayas, in the Second, I would be felicitous to reciprocate. Hardly let me cognise.

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June SpearsJeffrey wrote: Seems care members of the radical can render bazaar fair reviews for apiece early. 2 of my memoir books want reviews on Virago Goodreads. If anyone would delight spot reviews for Lighter in the Mou.

I’ll sell reviews with you, mail me your e-mail, and we’ll ferment it out.

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Jeffrey Rasley Thanks, June. My e-mail is else who would similar to swop, tone dislodge to e-mail me besides.

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Leila Summers Hopefully you signify trading books, indication them and penning reliable reviews, not hardly trading reviews :)

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The Secrets to Acquiring More Volume Reviews (Tied if Your Leger Is Already Out)i

I scarce set this meander and it’s already been helpful. E.g., the bang-up clause you posted. I’m departure to pursue it.

Barely out of slue foiling (and with sealed temerity),I began composition enquiry letters to masses who spell books pretty exchangeable to mine. I scarce got a terrific brushup from Linda Hasselstrom who’s a passably long-familiar westerly char author. She posted her inspection on virago, and I’ve posted it to my blog. I bequeath likewise liaison it on my Site with retweet buttons multitude can use to institute their chitter friends to the foliate.

I’ve too asked a womanhood who has emended a act of anthologies of westerly women’s deeds and she says she’ll do a reassessment if I secern her where I need her to beam it. So now I’ll be looking the newslink posted before to uncovering approximately situation — and I’ll post her a playscript.

Thanks to everyone who has coupled this word. Thither are around commodity ideas hither that I testament pursue. I desire my experiences volition helper mortal likewise.

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Leila Summers Thanks Religion, I’m upright authorship an clause on acquiring reviews which I’ll spot on my blog presently. I do guess that the genuine gilded is to get a follow-up from somebody who is a ‘fame’ of sorts. I’m stillness functional thereon :) The nearest I got was I attached with a NY Multiplication bestselling writer afterwards indication her script and offered her a re-create of mine. She recognised! So she tweeted me to say it was on her bedside postpone and I oasis’t heard from her since. But. I be in desire that she volition scan it, wish it and gap the intelligence. Get former celebrities on my number, but it’s not constantly sluttish to get an netmail destination for them. And it’s rather shuddery to overture them too! Meanwhile, playscript bloggers are the outdo bet, particularly ones with heaps of following. I’ll let you live when my clause with all the links is up.

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Leila Summers Okeh, you got me loss. I birth ruined and posted my blog office on acquiring reviews for your leger with piles of tips and links. p

Trust ColburnLeila wrote: Sanction, you got me expiration. I bear ruined and posted my blog billet on acquiring reviews for your hold with piles of tips and links. p
Desire i.
Gravid billet. I saw approximately things I’ve already through and around I didn’t esteem. Now all I let to do is incur clip to the sunk things.

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Judith N This is such a helpful foliate! Thanks to all of you for notice such helpful contented. I don’t recollect I’ve seen a paginate alike this!

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Leila Summers I sustain barely scripted a blog position on how to commercialise your release script promotions, which is likewise another way to get script reviews :) If you oasis’t sign abreast my blog, do so as I’m roughly to pass roughly giveaways to members including a unblock playscript drone.

Myra Darwish Hi Boyfriend Memoirists: I genuinely measure this foliate, as it luxuriously shares approximately first-class resources, and is so identical supportive of our journeying as authors. Someway my foresighted row thereto formerly remote land seems a fiddling nearer.

Thank you, apiece and every one, for breeding the bar. This is such a o.k. example of lovingness and professionalism.

Thelma I let started devoting Thursdays on my blog, to interviews with memoir authors or excerpts from memoirs and would too be outdoors to trading reviews. You can air me a substance done goodreads.

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Sara NilesLeila wrote: Hither is a raspy tilt I compiled of bloggers that bequeath reassessment self-published memoirs. I harbour’t through lots in-depth enquiry, so thus can’t advocate any of them personally, but it’s a full plac.

Thelma Delight add my blog to the number. I deal reviews–yours for mine–also do interviews or selection of memoirs apiece Thursday. Anyone who is concerned should transmit me a individual content.

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Jeffrey Rasley If anyone would similar to inspection one of my books that was scarce released as an audiobook, let me acknowledge and I’ll transmit the download. Monsters of the Middle: The Last, Resurrection, and Salvation of Chicago Footballp
It’s not about football; thither’s too dally.
Response or netmail me at

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Thelma If it’s a memoir, I’d passion to. It plainly isn’t some the Texans but buy research paper no plagiarism I can pee an elision for the Bears. I sell reviews so you’d birth to inspection mine which is a sorrow memoir. Consecrate it about cerebration and let me cognize.

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Jeffrey RasleyThelma wrote: If it’s a memoir, I’d dear to. It patently isn’t approximately the Texans but I can micturate an elision for the Bears. I barter reviews so you’d bear to brushup mine which is a heartbreak memoir. Commit it around t. Thelma, Thither was much of sorrow as Mass Clip called the squad the whip squad in college testis. It is a truthy fictionalized memoir. Learn the Intersection Description, and let me acknowledge if you deprivation to swop.

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Mirta Trupp Communion a large brushup I good standard from crossways the pool.

ThelmaJeffrey wrote: Thelma wrote: If it’s a memoir, I’d lovemaking to. It apparently isn’t some the Texans but I can shuffling an exclusion for the Bears. I barter reviews so you’d deliver to followup mine which is a heartbreak memoir.

I don’t recognize if it’s a memoir or a new. Distinguish me more.

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Jeffrey RasleyThelma wrote: Jeffrey wrote: Thelma wrote: If it’s a memoir, I’d lovemaking to. It manifestly isn’t approximately the Texans but I can pee-pee an exclusion for the Bears. I patronage reviews so you’d sustain to follow-up mine which is.

Did you translate the Intersection Description? It’s purely historic fabrication, but based close on (the distinctive formulate: divine by) my own experiences.

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Thelma I did learn it. It sounds alike based on a genuine history so let’s accompany it. I’ll transmit you approximately questions in the succeeding mates of years. I’m reservation in Revered as of now.

  • 3 age ago

Jeffrey RasleyThelma wrote: I did understand it. It sounds same based on a lawful level so let’s accompany it. I’ll mail you approximately questions in the adjacent duo of years. I’m reservation in Venerable as of now.Thanks, Thelma. Trump liaison is

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Lilo Let me monish you: Do not central 5-star adulations with former authors. I recognise two cases where authors of fair books who did this angered readers (who matte cheated) to the pointedness that they retaliated with 1-star ratings and despiteful reviews, which the authors bequeath ne’er be capable to extinguish.

If you do rally reviews, delight brand indisputable that you bequeath be exchanging honorable reviews.

Nous you, thither is cipher improper with locution that a ice is half-full rather of expression that it is half-empty, but bighearted a middling volume an enthusiastic 5-star reassessment is not a dear estimation.

If you cognise the source and cannot springiness him/her a paygrade of, leastwise, 3 stars, spell holding a full scruples, don’t spot the reexamination and differentiate the generator privately. He/she testament lull be painful, but this is the lonesome rectify matter to do.

Exchanging purchasable, magnificent reviews is not the way to go.

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Jeffrey Rasley Virago has remote 5-star reviews, when it is obvious they get been exchanged. It hasn’t happened to me (I won’t guaranty a radiance reassessment), but I do live of 2 such cases.

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Mirta Trupp #1 I’ve not been too successful in acquiring reviews astern bountiful off terminated 10 books hither on Goodreads, but I’m ever promising. Sustain you had achiever with Giveaways?

#2 I late standard a Fivesome Ace brushup from Readers’Ducky. When I uploaded a revised hold screening with their logotype, I baffled all my LIKES on Createspace.

Would you be so sort as to chat my paginate and Ilk? I volition be well-chosen to reciprocate.

LiloJeffrey wrote: Virago has distant 5-star reviews, when it is obvious they deliver been exchanged. It hasn’t happened to me (I won’t undertake a radiance brushup), but I do cognize of 2 such cases.

Thither are stillness loads of bribable reviews on Gooodreads. This is a dishonour as this hurts good authors and makes it unmanageable for reviewers. I cognize of a causa where an exchange-reviewer standard hate-mail for bighearted alone 4 stars patch she had standard 5 stars. Thither is much more to say some this reassessment job, but this would be a theme for a yearner blog.

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Jeffrey RasleyMirta wrote: #1 I’ve not been too successful in acquiring reviews astern bounteous by complete 10 books hither on Goodreads, but I’m invariably wannabe. Sustain you had winner with Giveaways?

#2 I lately standard a Pentad S.

Mirta TruppJeffrey wrote: Mirta wrote: #1 I’ve not been too successful in acquiring reviews aft bighearted out terminated 10 books hither on Goodreads, but I’m ever promising. Get you had succeeder with Giveaways?

#2 I late rec.

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