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Classes from Southe European Circumstances (pp. Dordrecht, Springer.


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ZAYAS-FERNÁNDEZ, B. (2015): Solar Photovoltaic Ability in Spain. Enlargement Aspects and Emerging Landscapes.

In: Frolova, M. Prados, M.

– J. Nadaï, A. [eds. ]: Renewable Energies and European Landscapes. Classes from Southe European Conditions (pp.

Dordrecht, Springer. NADAÏ, A. LABUSSIÈRE, O.

(2013): Taking part in with the line, channelling multiplicity – wind energy organizing in the Narbonnaise (Aude, France). Natural environment and Planning D, 31(1): 116-139. NADAÏ, A.

PRADOS, M. -J. (2015): Landscapes of Energies.

A Standpoint on the Vitality Transition. In: Frolova, M. Prados, M. -J. and Nadaï, A.

[eds. ]: Renewable Energies and European Landscapes. Lessons from Southe European Instances (pp. Dordrecht, Springer. OLWIG, K.

R. (2007): The follow of landscape ‘Conventions’ and the just landscape: The situation of the European landscape convention. Landscape Analysis, 32(5): 579-594. [Crossref] PASQUALETTI, M. J. (2011): Opposing wind energy landscapes: a lookup for frequent result in. Annals of the Affiliation of American Geographers, 101(4), 907-917. [Crossref] PERROTTI, D. (2015): Of Other (Electricity) Areas. Protected Locations and Each day Landscapes of Power in the Southe Italian Location of Hunting for a high quality publishing assistance phd dissertation writings will give you the best creating program Alta Murgia. In: Frolova, M. Prados, M. -J. and Nadaï, A. [eds. ]: Renewable Energies and European Landsapes. Classes from Southe European Instances (pp. Dordrecht, Springer. About the articleEssays Every two months we publish a new extensive-form essay which seeks to give insight and reflection on public area functions and the oft ignored histories which encompass them. You are going to discover pieces on a vast and eclectic variety of topics and#8211 from a record of the smile in portraiture to the scenario of the woman who claimed to give delivery to rabbits. Our contributors are drawn from an similarly diverse pool, from leading writers and scholars and#8211 these kinds of as Julian Baes and Jack Zipes and#8211 to heritage and literature PhD students working with intriguing material and searching for an outlet for their a lot more unusual finds. If you would like to post (or if you simply have an thought for a very good matter) then be sure to stop by our submissions page. we would enjoy to listen to from you. Want the essays off the display and on to your bookshelf? Then seem no further than our “Chosen Essays” sequence. See here for a lot more information . Eva Moreda Rodríguez on the formative years of the recording sector, focusing on the society bordering the gabinetes fonográficos of fin-de-siècle Spain. andhellipContinued If a few shipwrecked English sailors truly did jouey by foot from Florida to Nova Scotia in 1569 then it would unquestionably count as one of andhellipContinued Amongst the assorted curiosities described in Olaus Magnus’ 1555 tome on Nordic lifestyle was the morse – a hirsuite, fearsome, walrus-like beast, that was mentioned andhellipContinued The Berlin of the twenties is frequently related with a particular image of extra and decadence, but it was a pretty distinct facet of the andhellipContinued John Bevis explores the different feats of cunning and subterfuge undertaken by the Kearton brothers – among the really first experienced wildlife photographers – in andhellipContinued Jon Crabb on the witch-fad of Early Mode day Europe, and how the concurrent increase of the mass-developed woodcut served forge the archetype of the broom-riding andhellipContinued Cataleptic trances, enormous appetites, and laughing suits apart, W.

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